GGII Stock: 13 Things to Know About Cannabis Microcap Green Globe as Shares Whiplash

Green Globe International (OTCMKTS:GGII) shares are on a wild ride Friday, 5/14/2021, as the penny stock sees heavy volatility.

Here’s everything that investors need to know about Green Globe International and GGII stock as shares move today.

  • Green Globe International is a marijuana company focused on disrupting the tobacco industry.
  • It plans to do this with its offering of herb cigarettes, CBD, CBG, Hemp Cigarettes, and other plant-based smokables.
  • There’s no recent news lately that would explain why the company is seeing such heavy trading.
  • However, there was a major announcement a few weeks ago that investors should be aware of.
  • The company revealed that on March 22, 2021, it turned over control to Hempacco.
  • It did so through the private sale of 100 Series A Preferred Shares of GGII stock.
  • With that comes a change in leadership.
  • Sandro Piancone, the CEO of Hempacco, has appointed a new Board of Directors to Green Globe International.
  • It also applied to OTC Markets Group for access to GGII’s information and disclosures.
  • This process should take a few weeks to complete.
  • It’s possible that the volatility surrounding GGII stock still has to do with this recent news.
  • As of this writing, more than 64 million shares of the stock have changed hands.
  • That’s still below the company’s daily average trading volume of 156.7 million shares.

GGII stock started off the day rallying higher before starting to fall. As a result, shares of the stock are trading 4.5% lower as of Friday, 5/14/2021, morning.

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